McDonald’s customer ‘feels sick’ after witnessing ‘filthy kitchen and grubby staff’

McDonalds has apologised to an NHS worker who says he witnessed his meal being prepared in a “disgusting” kitchen and served by staff with “dirty uniforms”.

Cameron Smith, 22, was looking for a late-night snack when he stepped into the branch in Edinburgh in the early hours of Sunday morning with pals after a night out.

He snapped a pic of the restaurant’s chaotic kitchen with harried staff walking through rubbish which was strewn all over the floor.

The rushed workers tried to operate around the mess as punters queued up to get their food, Edinburgh Live reports.

Cameron, who took the picture at the Fort Kinnaird retail park branch at around 3.30am on Sunday has since seen his snap go viral online with others sharing their stories in the comments.

Cameron said: “I found it absolutely disgusting.”

“Just watching our food being prepared in the kitchen when it was in that state, and it being so unclean and the staff handling our food at the same time, it just made me feel sick to be honest.

Cameron said that he considered speaking to a manager about the lack of cleanliness, but he didn’t feel he would receive an appropriate response.

He continued: “Just observing the manager speaking to people, her attitude wasn’t professional. “I didn’t even bother standing in the queue and complain to her. Even her uniform was dirty.”

Posting the photo to social media, the clutter has received over 300 shares and comments, with many people sharing their disgust.

Other locals responded to Cameron’s post with their own experiences of the branch, including unclean toilets and messy tables.

McDonald’s has apologised for the mess and said that staff at the Fort Kinnaird restaurant have been told to take more care with their cleaning checks.

A spokesperson said: “We apologise to this customer for his experience. Hygiene and cleanliness is of the utmost importance to us and as soon as the matter was brought to our attention we were in touch with the restaurant team to investigate further.

“Restaurant staff at our Kinnaird restaurant have been reminded to be extra vigilant with their restaurant floor inspections, which take place every 15 minutes.”