Family facing eye-watering £7,000 vet bill after dog swallowed an entire rock

A distraught family are having to stump up nearly £7,000 for their dog ‘s life saving surgery after he swallowed an entire rock.

Milo, a weimaraner, started vomiting and producing blood to the concern of his owners.

They took him to hospital on October 23, and Shannon Stone, from Porth in the Rhondda, said the vet asked if it was possible the four-year-old pooch might have eaten something he couldn’t tolerate.

Shannon admitted that Milo occasionally chewed on socks around the house, but that she hadn’t witnessed him eating anything in particular.

The vet noted Milo’s upset stomach, and a scan showed a rock in his lower intestine.

Shannon said: “They gave us the options of taking him home with pain medication and seeing if it would pass or leaving him there under observation.

“Obviously we left him there to be sure. We had a phone call later that night that he needed life saving surgery to remove the rock.”

The second surgery went much better and Milo came home three days later on October 29.

Shannon added: “He is such a character, we all love him so much, my dad is his favourite and he treats him like a child.

“He wasn’t eating in the vets, they wanted him to come home and as soon as he did he started to eat, he just wanted to be home.

“He acts like a puppy, he is so energetic. He is doing so much better now but he doesn’t understand he needs to rest, he wants to run and play. And he hates his cone.”

Milo is set to see the vet again on Monday afternoon when they will assess if his recovery is going well, but Shannon said she was hopeful as he was back to himself and feeling happy to be home.

They haven’t seen the size of the rock that has caused all this damage, but expect to see it then.

The family dog was covered by pet insurance but only up to £2,000, so they are desperately trying to find the remainder of the money to pay the vet bills that saved his life.